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Undo is a weekly show brought to you by the wonderful folks at

Undo is a show where we talk about the convergence of design, tech and business. We share some of the topics that sparked our interest this week and dive into a discussion (or rant/argument) with our team with an occasional guest.

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    004: Ken Bone, the Like Button Innovation, and Why Siri is Dumb

    Marc and Joel (and the Design Inc team) climb to a mountain in Palm Springs, CA to record a special "On the Road" episode. They talk a about the viral, "red sweatered" Ken Bone, the innovation of the Like button, and Why Siri seems so dumb.

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    003: Social Clowns, Made by Google, & Oculus VR

    Marc and Joel have a special guest, Charlie Waite (GoPro) stop by. They talk a about clowns popping on social media, Google's new products announces, "Back to the Future" Nike's for charity, and Oculus VR.

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